Do You Remember...

The Brilliant Fun-Packed 'Rag Week' Programme!?(Click on Image to View Larger Version)

Padraic Breathnach & Charlie McBride leading a Student Union Protest?

Listening to a denim-clad Terry Smith Playing his Guitar while Queuing Up outside the Claddagh Palace on a Saturday Night?

'Agony Aunt'

'Dear Angela'
(aka Paul Moore)!?

(Click on Image to View Larger Version)

The great actors & actresses of Druid Theatre?(Click on Pictures to View Larger Version)

Mrs. O'Driscoll?

May & Ailish on Graduation Day?

Those Sun-drenched Botany Field Trips?(Click on Pictures to View Larger Version)

The UCG Diving Club's wonderful Party Posters?
'Smokie Joes' in the day-time (café)

'Smokie Joes' in the night-time (folk club)?
Barry Moore

The Rag Week 'Pub Crawls'?

How those those never-ending speeches in Latin on Graduation Day use to effect our thoughts & concentration!?
(Click on Pictures to View Larger Version)

Trying so hard to keep those caps from slipping off on a windy Graduation Day?

When Seapoint use to played host to big name music acts such as the Undertones & the Cimarrons?

How intense & serious were the students that served on the Students' Union Assembly?

The Fun & Frolics of 'Crazy Boat Race' in Rag Week?

Posing with your college friends & classmates on Graduation Day?

The Army Lads having to Dress up in all their Finery whenever they went out for a Beer?
Lennie when he had to be taken off the stage at the Unity Variety Show when he tried to do a 'Patricia the Stripper' routine?

The craic in the old student watering holes such as the Skeff on Thursday nights? The Science Dress Dances?
Going to the Back-Room of the Skeff with other committee members for a few drinks & a chat with distinguished guest speakers after a college society lecture?

Student Union Stalwarts such asJerome Hynes (Societies Officer '80/'81), Grainne McMorrow (SU President '79/'80) & Peter McEvoy (SU Administrative Officer) at opening of UCG College Bar Oct 1980
U2 Playing Student Gigs in Galway?
Student Protests Marches to Eyre Square (& the pubs afterwards!)?______________Newsflash! FUZE To Reform for Nov 7th Reunion!!
Before the Stunning, Before the Sawdoctors, there was the FUZE! Thanks to the efforts of our fellow graduate Ursula Killeen, Galway's first rock group to achieve national fame will reform for the first time in over 25 years to play at the UCG Grad Reunion Bash!Five or the band members were UCG students who got together in early 1979 and launched themselves onto an unsuspecting world at the Unity Variety Show; later supported U2 & Pretenders... and achieved success in the Pop Single Charts with 'Stone Age Man' & 'It's A Sunday Morning' before splitting up in 1982.

Interestingly, their first gig outside the UCG campus was sharing the bill with Big G at a HistriSoc Party in Salthill. So history will repeat itself in November when DJ Gerry Sexton will return with his magical 'Ration of Passion' 70s-themed Disco!

The full events programme will be published later this week on the website. The NUIG Alumni Office will send out a postal invitation to all 1978 & 1979 graduates at the weekend.


Drama Soc's spell-binding productions?
Philadelphia Here I Come
'Big Girls Blouse' (aka female rugby players)
Students who bizarrely dreamed of a future career that would end in ruins (if maybe not in tears)?
Archaeology students of course!

The Goodwill, Generosity of Spirit & Respect shown by the audience at a Lit 'n' Deb Gibs Symposium to First Year speakers!?
When a Garda Call to "Round Up The Usual Suspects!" usually meant a raid on the UCG Enge Block by the Special Armed Response Unit!?
Loudon Wainwright in Concert at the Jesuit Hall?

Opening Night of the UCG Students' Bar?

The Science Class of 1977-1980?
The legendary 'Fir Bolgs'?

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