Death of Richie Cazabon, lead singer of Nightrider


Richie Cazabon
, known by many UCG students of the late 1970s and early 1980s as the lead singer of the band Nightrider, died a few days ago.
At the end of his Leaving Cert year, he and his school friends formed a music group that played cover versions of Thin Lizzy, who were then Ireland's most famous rock band on the international circuit. With his afro hair style, ethnicity and musical tastes, Richie was Galway's answer to Phil Lynott! His band, originally known as White Ivy, got their first gig playing at Caroline Graham and Speedie's joint 21st Birthday Bash in O'Leary's Bar in Salthill.

They later changed their name to Nightrider. Though none of the members were then university students, nevertheless they were very popular on the college circuit. They actually played the famous Unity Variety Concert that became the launch pad for the FUZE.
Richie himself was a personal friend of many students during that era.
May Richie Rest in Peace Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam


Unknown said...

Hi, My name is Darryl Cazabon, Richie's son. I'm just wondering if whoever put this photo up would have a copy? Absolutly great photo of dad and i'm guessin maxi aswel? not too sure who the other two lads are! hard to believe he'd have only been my age then! If you get a chance, please get back to me on thanks

Speedie's Blog said...

Greetings Daryl,
Many thanks for your comment. It will be an honour to send u a copy of the requested photo. I knew your dad very well when he was playing with White Ivy (later known as 'Nightrider'). As I say in the article, the band's first public gig was Caroline & my 21st birthday party.
Speedie (Brendan Smith)