The Reunion: A Journey Back in Time to Happy Student Days

What a Wonderful Magical Reunion We had on Saturday November 22nd 2008!
Many thanks to the circa 220 people that attended what we hope was a fun-packed event that brought laughter and tears (of joy) to ye all.
For many of us, it represented our first opportunity in decades to rekindle old friendships that were the bedrock of our student days at UCG.

Over the next few months, we will set up a separate (but linked) special Grads Reunion website containing images & videos of Nov 22nd 2008; an online UCG photo gallery that members can access in order to upload & update (with names of students) images; a web map of UCG in 1978... Plus Lots More!! So Watch this Space!!!
In the interim, if you have photos from Nov 22nd, please forward them to asap

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