'Big G' To Headline Reunion Dance Gig on Nov 7th!

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'Big G' as Emperor Geraldus from a UCG Histrisoc Poster advertising a
1979 'Fancy Dress Party' in the Beach Hotel

2nd Annual
Grads Reunion
Takes Shape

After months (well maybe minutes!) of negotiations, Gerry Sexton aka 'Big G' has finally agreed to be the main DJ at a 70s/80s themed Disco that will endeavour to re-create the atmosphere of a Salthill Nightclub as a finale to our celebratory events of November 7th 2009.
He promises to ensure that everyone once again gets what he use to so eloquently call their 'Ration of Passion'!!
While we no longer have the Beach or the International to dance the night away in, a re-vamped College Bar will serve as a fitting tribute venue to the student discoteques of days gone by.

Photo Film of College Life from 1976-1981!

"Those were the day my friends, we thought ..."
For a nostalgic photographic trip back in time to University College Galway Ireland during the halcyon days of the mid 1970s until 1981, click here

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